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Lower Segment Caesarean Section

LSCS delivery in India has doubled in the recent 2-3 decades as because of its convenience and minimal risks involved in it. It is also mostly indicated in many of the pregnancy complications which can become fatal for both the mother and the child during the normal vaginal labour.

Throughout the pregnancy, the care givers manages and treats the complications associated with the pregnancy. The risks is also assessed and confirmed through the CTG diagnosis done during the third trimester of ANC which finally gives the indication of LSCS surgery.

LSCS operation procedure involves the incision of the lower abdomen with a horizontal cut of 3-4 centimetres. It is monitored by the team of trained and experienced doctor, nurse and anaesthetist throughout the surgical procedure in the sterilized operating room which gives minimum or no room for further complications.

Advantages of LSCS

  • It prevents the complications associated with vaginal labor in high risks pregnancy.
  • Emergency situations during the labor can be efficiently managed in well-equipped operating room.
  • Physical injury to the child is rare.
  • Risk of uterine prolapse is rare which is most common is multiple normal pregnancies.
  • Decreased stress and anxiety of labor, as the pain is minimal.
  • Perineal tear is prevented which is more common in vaginal delivery cases.

Disadvantages of LSCS

LSCS surgery also has got some of the disadvantages over the normal vaginal delivery such as

  • Increased blood loss.
  • Injury to the abdominal tissues.
  • Cosmetic ugly look due to the scar on lower abdomen.
  • Risk of anesthesia and its associated complications.
  • Decreased urine retention after the surgery.
  • Longer recovery period with long hospital stay.

Although there are some disadvantages in the elective caesarean, the motto of healthy mother and the healthy baby can only be achieved by the LSCS surgery especially in the cases of the high risk pregnancy.

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