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Septal Resection

Septal resection is the correction of uterine septum with the help of hysteroscopic surgery. It is noted that about 3 % of the female infertility are diagnosed with this condition. It is also noted that correction of this uterine septum has increased the chances of baby birth in cases of recurrent abortions resulting in infertility. The uterus is usually divided in the inner lining by giving the normal outer appearance. It is the congenital malformation of the uterus. The division or separation is usually in the longitudinal plane from the body of the uterus sometimes moving towards the cervix and vagina leading to double cervix and double vagina. The cause of this malformation is due to the fusion of two mullerian ducts during the embryogenesis.

Although there are no symptoms associated with this condition, this get accidentally noticed during the pelvic examination or transvaginal ultrasonography, MRI and by the diagnostic hysteroscopy. The female is usually presented with the recurrent abortions leading to infertility or during antenatal care of pregnancy. Some females also have a history of normal pregnancy and labor but in most cases there are chances of 60% risk of spontaneous abortion during the second trimester or can result in premature birth of the baby or in the fetal malpresentation (where the baby is having other than normal head presentation like breech or shoulder or cephalic presentation).

The correction of this uterine septum is done through hysteroscopy successfully by the experienced skillful hands. But after the surgical procedure a follow-up imaging study is done to ensure the success of the surgery.

Hysteroscopic Cannulation
septal resection
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