Infertility Treatments

Laparoscopic Tubal Recanalization

Tubal reversal or tubal recanalization is the method where the ligated tubes are repaired and are reconnected to increase the chances of pregnancy using the laparoscopic method. The tubes which were ligated to prevent the fertilization and further pregnancy, is now again opened and reconnected for the successful pregnancy.

The pregnancy rates after the procedure varies between 50-82%. Success rates also depends on age, method of sterilization, site of anastomosis and the final length of the reconstructed tube.

In this procedure, general anaesthesia is administered and a 5mm tube is inserted into the umbilicus region. Then along with the camera attached, the laparoscope is attached to inspect the reproductive system. Then with the other small instruments, the occlusion is removed and two cut tubes are reconnected.

This is the faster and successful technique, followed in treating infertility using laparoscope.

The main advantages of this method are faster recovery, decreased pain, minimum complications, faster healing and minimum scars. It is advised to avoid sex for the period of 2 months, until there is successful healing of the tubes.

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laparoscopic tubal recanalization